Boneless Pork Tenderloin $89

This lean cut of pork is tender, delicious; the filet mignon of pork.

12 Loins per box. 2 Per package.

Boneless C/C Pork Roast  $79

Perfect for family, dinner guests, or any occasion.

2 XL Roast per box.

Tenderloin Chunks  $99

1" pieces of the tenderloin cut from the filet Mignon.

6 packages.

Philly Steak Slices  $79

Shaved sirloin, perfect for sandwiches.

26 portions per box.

Porterhouse(6-7 ct)  $129

Best of both worlds, one side is a bone-in NY strip, and the other side is Filet Mignon.

New York Strips      $119

Perfect For the grill or broiler

8 - 12 oz  Steaks per box 

Rib-Eye Delmonico  $139

This steak is carved from the same cut as the prime rib.

8 - 1¼" Thick Steaks per box

Loin Lamb Chops  $109

1½" thick, center cut, no tail, rich and juicy; perfect for special occasions.

12 ct

Quality Veal and Lamb

Baby Back Ribs  $79

Imported, fall off the bone tender, and great if you slow cook with BBQ sauce.

7 X Large racks per box.

Center Cut Pork Chops  $79

Beautifully trimmed, bone in,and very delicious.

32 - ½"   or   16 - 1"

Chateaubriand  $169

Center cut of the tenderloin.

5 XL roasts per box.

Advanced orders only.

Boneless Prime Rib  $139

Perfect for an elegant dinner party, cook slowly in the oven or on the grill.

2 XL roasts per box.

Filet Mignon            $149

Extra trim, very tender, and extra juicy. 12 - 6 oz or

10 - 8 oz extra large per box.

Veal Rib Chops   $109

These are milk-fed and can be pan seared, grilled, stuffed, or roasted.

7 - 8 ct.

Veal Cutlet  $79

Milk-fed top round and thinly sliced. Great for picatta, scaloppini, or parmesan.

16 ct.

Spiral Sliced Ham   $39 / $49

Honey Cured and glazed, perfect for a family meal.

7 - 8 lbs $39    9 -10 lbs $49

Porterhouse Pork Chops  $79

Great on the Grill or smoker, makes a delicious meal.

​10  X thick  -  X trim  -  Huge

Boneless C/C Pork Chops  $79

Perfect for a dinner party, great in the oven or on the grill.

16 - 1" thick. Very close trim.

Juicy, Tender Pork

Elite Burgers  $69

Individually vacuum wrapped hand-formed burgers, perfect for any meal or occasion.

24 extra large.

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